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Two languages - Conference

This conference discussed and explored, via multiple fields and perspectives, the concept of “being bilingual” (“vivre bilingue”). It shared French and North American perspectives from experts in bilingualism, psychology, psychiatry, linguistics, nutrition, multiculturalism and education on the advantages of living with two languages.

The conference "Living with Two Languages: the Advantages of Being Bilingual", took place at the Lycée Français de New York on Saturday, April 13, 2013. Experts from the United States, France and Canada gave serval talks which where recorded and are avialable via the internet. You can watch the videos of the conference in English or French by clicking on the following links.

Language, Emotions, and the Bilingual Brain - Panel 1

Topics: the connections among bilingualism, emotional intelligence and brain development. Main talk from minute 17:25 to minute 38:20 by Ellen Bialystok.

English: https://vimeo.com/64146571

French: https://vimeo.com/64152469

Panelists: Ellen Bialystok, Professor, Department of Psychology, York University Regina Sullivan, Professor, Emotional Brain Institute, N. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, NYU Sean Lynch, Head of School, Lycée Français de New York Elisabeth Cros, Speech Therapist, Ecole Internationale de New York
Moderator: Sylvie Ozon, Science Teacher, Lycée Français de New York.

Crossing Perspectives On Bilingualism - Panel 2

Topics: bilingual education. No main talk.

English: https://vimeo.com/64146128

French: https://vimeo.com/64152880

Panelists:Nancy Rhodes, Director, Foreign Language Education, Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) Jane Ross, President, French Heritage Language Program Ofelia García, Professor, CUNY Graduate Center Marie Bouteillon, Coordinator-teacher, PS 58 The Carroll School, Brooklyn Vannina Boussouf, Director of Primary School, Lycée Français de New York Gretchen Schell, E.S.L Teacher, Lycée Français de New York Roddy Rapson, Early Childhood teacher, Lycée Français de New York
Moderator: Fabrice Jaumont, Education Attaché, Embassy of France.

Eating Bilingually: Cultural Differences on Children Nutrition in France and North America - Panel 3

Topics: bilingualism from a culinary perspective. Main talk from minute 4:20 to minute 18:15 by Karen Le Billon author of the book: "French Kids Eat Everything".

English: https://vimeo.com/64147029

French: https://vimeo.com/64162134

Panelists:Karen Le Billon, Professor, University of British Columbia, Author of French Kids Eat Everything Jeffrey Mills, former director, Office of Nutrition, Washington Ariane Daguin, CEO d'Artagnan, Marion Nestle, Professor, Nutrition and Food Studies, New York University
Moderator: Pascale Richard, Director of the Cultural Center at LFNY.


About the Organizer

The “Lycée Français de New York” (LFNY), literally “The French High School of New York”, is a bilingual French school for students from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade (High School).

The private school is based in Manhattan, New York and was founded in 1935. It fosters around 1300 students per year which represent more than 45 different nationalities. The student to teacher ratio is approximately 8:1.
The school has a tuition fee of $33,000 (for the year 2015 / 2016). Students can apply for support by the schools “financial assistance program”. Financial aid from the French government is also available for applicants with a French nationality.